Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ambition to Change - David Rosati Introduction

Trying to change the world as a typical high schooler may be one of the most ambitious things someone can attempt to do. But just because it's ambitious doesn't mean it can't happen. 

Hi, my name is David Rosati and yes, I am a typical 15 year old high schooler with a dream for big things to happen. I go to the Downington STEM Academy and I am a hockey player. 

But this all isn't about me. The point of this project, Lunchbox Notes, is to promote happiness and change in someone's heart. Our objective isn't just to make people feel happy, our objective is to take the time to let people know that they matter to more people than they know. Someone great once said, "Just because people don't understand you, doesn't mean you don't understand you." Take the opportunity to change a life for the better. Lunchbox Notes FOREVER!

David Rosati
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