Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Challenge You- Abby Savidge Introduction

Hey! I'm Abby Savidge and I am a 16 year old at the Downingtown STEM Academy. I am an athlete (playing both lacrosse and field hockey) and I am involved in student council, (Co-President of Spirit Committee), etc. 

Together, we're going to change the world. Cliche? Yes, but I truly believe it. I have realized that you can't change someone's circumstances, home life, etc, but you CAN make their life a little bit better. Making a difference in ONE person's life is enough to motivate me to do whatever I can. Hopefully the person that you helped will be inspired to make someone else's life better as well - a chain reaction.

What inspired me?
A little while ago, I heard the story "An Invisible Thread" about a women named Laura who saved a little boy, Maurice, from his life on the street by a simple act of kindness. The story is difficult to put into words of my own, so above is a link to information and the video!

What really touched me was this: after the boy had been adopted and enrolled in school, Laura asked whether he wanted her to pack his lunch or give him money to buy lunch. The boy said "Would you please pack my lunch in a brown paper bag so that the kids at school will finally know that I have someone who loves me?"
The brown paper bag is symbolic of compassion and love- it means that someone cares about you. Someone took the time to make the lunch. This story and idea of the significance of a brown paper bag is what inspired Lunchbox Notes. However, we expanded lunchbox notes to be broader than keeping children from going hungry. Now, the brown paper bag (lunchbox) symbolizes acts of kindness and compassion to show someone that they matter. Everyone matters and deserves to know it. 

The Challenge
So, here is my challenge to you. This organization represents spreading happiness, impacting someone else's life for the better, and showing everyone that their existence matters. It's 3 simple steps:
  1. Find a brown paper bag (or something along those lines).
  2. Write down a quote, inspirational message, or put something in it that would make someone happy.
  3. Give it to a random stranger with the words "Lunchbox Notes" on the outside and "You Matter" to tell someone that THEY are important to this world and that they can brighten someone else's day as well. 
The goal is to have a chain reaction that will spread and leave people in the mindset that they can help someone. If everyone shows a little bit of compassion, the world will change. People will be happier. The smallest actions create the biggest effects. 

You don't have to change everyone's life- you just have to change a few and it'll be worth it. 

Do something kind for a random stranger or someone that you dont know that well and SHARE WITH US (via twitter or in email)! Share what you did or what act of kindness that someone else did for you (hopefully involving the lunchbox notes!) It's amazing the power of the smallest actions. Impact the world and spread the joy! Anyone can share a smile or a kind word- that's something that EVERYONE can do. That is my challenge to you- do a random act of kindness.

Abby Savidge
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