Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ideas To Reality: Our Mission on Our First Day

If you were handed the power to single-handedly change the world…would you take it? Would you grasp the opportunity with unmistakable passion, unceasing excitement, and a desire deep in your bones to be an instigator of something great? Today, we were given the power to create something great through Angela Maiers's Choose2Matter campaign and the Quest2Matter project. We couldn't be happier that we get to participate and create something for the greater good of the world. 

Our Cause:

Every day, we wake up and we make a choice. Every day, we are given the power to single-handedly change the world. We walk past people on our way to work, in the halls at school, and around town. Every day you have the power to change the outlook of those people through a single act of kindness. Share a smile, exchange a hello, or let them know that they deserve to be happy. Did you say it? Did you make an effort? You never know what kind of impact it might have. You may not be able to change a person’s situation, but you can change his or her outlook to a positive one.

Friendship is the force that binds us all together. Random acts of kindness work to strengthen that force, for our unity depends on compassion. As human beings, we pass around a torch that lights up each of our hearts as we gain the capacity to pass it to others through our actions and words of kindness. This fire, set alight by the kindness of others, has the ability to spread around the world, expanding across borders that we thought would never be beaten down.

We hand the torch to you. You who has the unshakable potential to set off a spark, create a chain reaction, build a bridge, change a life, and to break the boundaries that have been set before us. You have the power to ignite change. Let your kindness make an impact today. 

Our Mission:

Lunchbox Notes sets forth on a mission to create a world where smiles are genuine and happiness isn’t rare. A world where thoughts count and actions matter. We will ignite the flame, pass the torch, and make a positive change that will spread across the world. By passing out paper bags filled with food, treats, compliments, challenges to spread kindness, and other things, we will alter the outlooks and attitudes of the people we reach for the better.

Above the group poses for a photo with Ms. Maiers (minus Andre and Carrie) after a fantastic first day of planning. Thanks for all the inspiration and for bringing the project to STEM! We are honored!
(Left to Right: Cole McCook, Mitch Brown, Ben Wooten, Livvy Evans, Emily McKain, Abby Savidge, Francesca Coyne, David Rosati, and Angela Maiers. Not pictured: Andre Morris and Carrie Filion)

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